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What are the scenarios that you can make use of our training service? 



Do you have any eyewear R&D ideas in mind?

It's our pleasure to discuss your technological development direction before spending your key person's time and resources. 

Would you be interested to know what are the really hot selling trends in the eyewear market? Is there any topic suitable for your particular key account with a different market focus? Is it the right moment to crossover with a famous eyewear brand to create crossover/ innovative products? 

Chat with us then decide how to spend R&D resources in an efficient way!

What if your key customer with large quantity order facing a production problem?

If you want to be in the knowledgeable spot to evaluate whether your product is failing or it is a testing mistake, or is there any solution to recover these problematic products, also you can voice out this topic and we can try our best to offer a free seminar to your staffs. 

Free training for these topics:

  • Product knowledge

  • International standard

  • Testing method

  • Eyewear market insights and more


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