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Sunbond Optix is strongly committed to offering excellent service and assistance.

With over 30 years of experience helping customers meet their optical test requirements, It is well-known that we did an excellent job to build our network and reputation. To make this happen, we are continuously monitoring and researching on eye-wear market update trend, testing demand, and eye-wear production applicable technologies for allowing us to foresee the very next testing needs. With our experience and intelligence, we study and share all our knowledge selflessly and bring it to the front door of our customers. It is our pride to sell our expertise in the same way to sell our products.

There are over 50% of eye-wear production concentrated in the Asia Pacific, we act as a bridge between European buyers and Asia manufacturers. To maintain our professionalism of eye-wear quality management and movement of the supply chain, we are convinced to learn the most updated eyewear production and testing technologies from European Countries and utilize them for the remaining parts of the world. 

We are so ready to partner with your company on equipment, services, and professional staff. Let's see if one or multiple services in the following could be discussed to reach your business goal!

For supportive customer who bought our equipment


Provide maintenance and repair service to keep machines in a great condition.

For supportive customer who wish to double confirm equipment accuracy


Ensure your optical testing result is absolutely accurate.

For partner who love to learn of latest eyewear production and testing technologies


Customize internal staff training or international standard training for you.

For laboratory interested to kick start or expand testing facilities


Evaluate your optical laboratory testing workflow and factory capacity.

Maintenance Service

Laboratory Consultation

Customized Training

Calibration Service

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