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Calibration Service

The accuracy of testing equipment is always our first priority.

In order to ensure that our testing instruments are absolutely reliable, our Engineering Team carries out scheduled calibrations service to our customers and develop a verification kit to allow customers to check the accuracy of the instrument at any time while saving calibration costs.

Also, we will issue an annual certificate to prove that the result of instrument is accurate, which significantly increases customer confidence.

There are two ways to deliver our calibration services:

1. We act as an authorized representative of the manufacturer

2. We can arrange calibration service for particular machine/ key parts to authorized laboratories

We offer calibration services on the following instruments:

  • Easy_Tester_Pro, Smart_Color, ,Easy_Color​

  • Optitester

  • Nidek LT-1200

  • Hazemeter, GET.Photochromic, Optical Bench, Light Diffusion, GET.AXIS

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