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Commencing official operations from April of year 1989, Sunbond Optix Limited is providing the best Eyewear Quality Testing Machines to our clients. We have established a reputation of being a Reliable, Experienced and Efficient technical services provider, operating mainly in Hong Kong, China we are proud and dedicated in serving many long-term customers who have been with us for over 10 years. Our quality services have won us a satisfied clientele list.


We believe focus & specialization makes us good at what we do. Aiming to be the best at what we do, Sunbond has two clear major focuses:

  1. Industry-Specific Solutions (Optical Industry, Manufacturing Industry, and PPE Manufacturing)

  2. Developing local markets for special dealerships (Customized solutions)


Mission of Sunbond Optix is to bring into the Far East region the best of what’s available globally. Aim is to uplift local companies’ productivity, quality and global competitiveness. To achieve this, we are truly careful and selective in representing and distributing only the most respectable equipment, technology and products. Thus, dedicate our best effort in supporting the sales & services required locally for our entire product line.

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