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EasyFit Trend

The only professional lens edger in the market.

This new block-less compact solution tailored for optical shops and small labs. This new edger represents a further breakthrough for the field with its unique features, including:

  • the high precision and reliability of milling technology

  • Eco-friendly Dry Cut technology with saving 1 million liters / 264k gallons a year

  • the “No Block” system that eliminates blocks and pads.


The new EasyFit Trend features an innovative tracing system that further increases the overall productivity, and a new modern and compact design.




Ease of use

Easily edge sport frames lenses



Remote edging

Environmentally sustainability

Technical assistance



Total Quality Control


Edging is just one part of the RX lens mounting process. Making sure that your customer receives the quality they deserve requires several inspection processes, before and after edging. This impacts labor costs, work space and delivery time, but this was before the EasyFit Trend.


The EasyFit Trend performs all needed quality inspection tasks without increasing the edging cycle, analyzing 100% of the production, minimizing the rejects and automatically applying the needed correction.

Creativity Engraving


Make them unique.​


With the Engraving function, available with EasyFit Trend, you can offer to your customers an exclusive service. You can realize totally customized lenses, marking what makes them truly unique: words, logos, drawings, initials, icons. Your customers’ glasses will no longer be simple glasses. They will be the expression of their personality.

Our Team.


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